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Our Grout Cleaning in Newtown, PA Helped Prepare This Client's Home for the Market

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December 12, 2023

A homeowner recently contacted us to spruce-up his guest bathroom. He was planning to move to another state to pursue a job opportunity, but he first needed to prepare his current home for the market. With this in mind, he took it upon himself to clean most of the rooms in his home. For the most part, he was successful. Every room now looked brand-new. When the time to clean the guest bathroom in his hallway came, however, his success came to a halt.

Side to Side Comparison of a Bathroom in Newtown, PA Before and After a Grout Cleaning Service
No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't remove the grime from the bathroom's grout lines and the expansion joints on the bathing area. Feeling defeated, he went online and searched for advice. Most of the users on the websites he found suggested hiring professionals to have them assess and fix the problem. Following their advice, the homeowner searched for grout cleaning in Newtown, PA. He found our website in the top search results. After reading reviews from satisfied customers and information about our services, he filled in the form on this page to request a free evaluation and a quote

On the appointed date, we visited the client's home to assess the bathroom. We immediately noticed the problems with the grout lines and the tub's joints. What had accumulated on the joints wasn't just grime, though. Mold had begun growing on the area surrounding the bathtub, which explained why the client had a difficult time removing it. Fortunately, the grout lines on the bathroom floor and the walls on the bathing area were in good shape despite being dirty.

Before and After Image of a Bathing Area to Showcase the Changes Provided by a Grout Cleaning Service in Newtown, PA
To get the bathroom back in shape, we offered the client a thorough tile and grout cleaning and sealing service. Before sealing the grout, we would re-grout and sanitize the joints using our proprietary tools and products. Convinced, the homeowner agreed to the service.

We went back to the client's home a few days later to perform the service. We began by soaking the bathing area with Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. On top of being pH-neutral, our proprietary cleaning solution contains sanitizing properties that help inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Next, we rinsed off the cleaner with a high-speed scrubber, a gentle yet powerful tool that extracts dirt and grime from any surface. We continued the cleaning process by scraping out the damaged joints and sanitizing the areas with a steam cleaner. To finish, we re-grouted the joints using our proprietary grout mix.

We repeated the same procedure to clean the bathroom floor. Once we finished cleaning every area in the bathroom, we dried the surfaces and applied ColorSeal to the grout lines. ColorSeal is a high-quality acrylic-based sealant that conceals the grout's pores, protecting it against water, soap, dirt, mold, and mildew. ColorSeal comes in a variety of colors. The client chose white to give the bathroom a fresh appearance.

As shown in the before and after pictures, the bathroom changed for the better. We gave the client exactly what he wanted, a clean-looking bathroom that would impress potential buyers. The homeowner thanked us for the job and said he had made the right decision when he called Sir Grout Bucks PA.

Before leaving, we gave the client some care tips he could relay to potential customers. We first recommended cleaning the bathroom once a week using a dry mop and a pH-neutral cleaner like our proprietary cleaning solution. Unlike most store-bought products, our cleaner doesn't leave any residue behind. We also suggested wiping away the excess water after every bath. Excess moisture is the primary cause of water damage and mold growth. To finish, we advised the customer to avoid hard scrubbing when cleaning the grout lines. ColorSeal makes it easy to clean, so wiping a damp cloth over the grout lines should be more than enough.

Are your bathrooms filled with grime and ripe with mold? Don't fret, Sir Grout Bucks PA can restore them for you. We have the necessary tools and expertise to offer the best grout cleaning services in the industry. To request our residential or commercial services, call us at (215) 709-8125 or click the "Schedule a FREE Quote" button on this page. Don't forget to also subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with our latest news and promotions.
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