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This Homeowner Enjoys a Brand-New Looking Shower Thanks to Our Caulking Services in Horsham, PA

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April 27, 2017

A Chicago photographer reached out to us not long ago asking for our caulking services in Horsham, Pennsylvania, to restore the shower of his master bathroom. The homeowner had been living in this 300-year-old township for four years now and so far, he loved everything about it: its historical heritage, the neighbors, the community, and the quiet environment. He came to the municipality for a three-month photojournalism job but decided to stay longer after growing attached to the townsfolk.

Before and After Picture of a Shower's Caulking Service in Horsham, Pennsylvania
He had been living in a comfortable apartment he found after living there for a year. Even though when he bought the place everything was clean and spotless, after three years of constant use he noticed that the bathroom tiles and grout had acquired a yellowish shade and the caulk between the walls, shower pan, and joints was starting to get moldy, peel, and crack.

The unpleasant state of the grout ruined the whole appearance of the bathroom, which is why the photographer decided to do something to renovate it. As a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, he set himself to the task of fixing his own bathroom. The restoration process seemed easy and simple with the tutorials he watched online, so he went to the hardware store and bought a DIY caulking kit to give it a try. However, the results weren't at all like he expected; removing the old caulk turned out to be extra difficult in some places, and filling the edges evenly with the new caulk was impossible to achieve no matter how tediously he worked. The aftermath: a dry, protruding caulk paste all over the shower pan, the tiles, and the granite shelf in the shower. The whole process did more harm than good. To fix this disastrous outcome, the photographer finally decided to seek professional help.

Fortunately, this professional photojournalist had hired Sir Grout's services before for a grout cleaning when he lived in Chicago; he knew our company offered services across the country so he searched online to see if we were also in Pennsylvania. As he had hoped, our grout cleaning and caulking services in Horsham appeared among the first search results! Right away he called us to set up a free, in-home consultation and quote, just as he did back in Chicago.

Our team of hard surface restoration experts went to the Horsham residence on the scheduled day to examine the state of the client's shower. Upon looking at the chunks of excess caulk between the wall tiles and the shower pan, we understood why the homeowner reached the conclusion that he needed the help of professionals. During the inspection, the Horsham resident told us all about his failed attempt to replace the caulk by himself. He admitted that he chose the quickest solution available since some relatives from Chicago were visiting him soon and he wanted the bathroom to be clean and pristine, but it ended up looking even worse than before.

We explained to the client why he didn't get the results he had hoped for when trying to re-caulk the shower by himself; for a re-caulking procedure to be successful, certain cleaning processes and installation techniques are necessary to guarantee that the caulk attaches properly and seals the joints to make them watertight. We had the perfect solution offering the homeowner a grout cleaning and re-caulking service, which he agreed to immediately and asked us to be done as soon as available.

The team came back the following day to fix the shower. Before starting with the re-caulking procedure, it is essential to clean the tiles and surfaces of the shower so that the new caulk can adhere properly. Our team used Sir Grout's proprietary tile and grout cleaner to remove any debris or dirt. Next, we performed all the grout repairs that were necessary to finally start repairing the caulk. For the re-caulking service, we carefully and skillfully removed all the caulk the homeowner had installed and also the old caulk he couldn't scrape. We replaced it all with StainMaster epoxy caulk, a two-part epoxy product that won't crack, peel, or get moldy like other types of caulking. As a final touch, we buffed on Sir Grout's Tile Armor sealant over the entire shower; this product is a water-based penetrated sealer that works as protection for the tiles.

The change after the restoration process was outstanding! Thanks to the cleaning, the grout around the tiles had the same uniform color and the caulk between the shower pan and the walls was now tidy and clean. There were no more signs of caulk lumps and the granite shelf in the shower stood out even more because it didn't have white paste stuck to its corners anymore. The client told us that the results surpassed his expectations; he never could have gotten such outcome by himself.

Before leaving, our team of experts gave the client tips to maintain the renewed appearance of the shower. Even though the new caulk we installed is mold resistant, it still needs regular maintenance. Primarily, we recommended him to swap his current shower cleaner for a non-toxic, pH-neutral one so it doesn't leave a residue that traps dirt. Also, we advised him to always keep the room properly ventilated, especially after hot showers, since mold and mildew are prone to grow and stick to the grout and caulk in humid environments like bathrooms.

If your shower also needs repair or refreshing improvement, Sir Grout Bucks PA's hard surface restoration services are just what you need. We offer grout cleaning and caulking services in Horsham and the surrounded areasójust call us at (215) 709-8125 if you want to know more about us and our products. You can also fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this website to schedule a free, in-home evaluation and quote today! Subscribe to our newsletter to receive more stories about our work.

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